TPLF 41st anniversary commemorates martyrs, urges youth to renew commitment for renaissance

Addis Ababa, 19 February, 2016(WIC) – The 41st anniversary of the foundation of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is celebrated in Mekelle through commemoration of the martyrs, panel discussion and other programs.

The party has urged the young generation to understand the reasons behind the party’s armed struggle and ensure the already started journey of the country towards renaissance.

According to the information obtained from the region’s Communication affairs bureau, Chairman of the party and President of the Regional State, Abay Woldu, while addressing the gathering at the martyrs square noted that the new generation should take the responsibility to sustain the development in the country and make vision of the party a reality by ensuring the country’s renaissance.

Abay noted that the 41st anniversary is celebrated at a critical juncture to renew the party’s commitment and zeal for further economic leap forward and strengthen democratic governance both in the region and the country.

“We have to work more for better job opportunities to the youth, improved education and health services, and ensuring justice in the region and the country at large,” he remarked.

The Chairman reiterated that had the country not been able to attain sustainable economic development in the last decade, the El-nino induced drought would have claimed many lives of both people and animals in the region. He underlined on the need to strengthen water and soil conservation works in the region to further abate effect of the drought on people, animals and the environment.

The martyrs have made a historic deed for the liberation of both the people of Tigray and others in the country and we owe a lot to them in terms of making the visions to which they paid their lives a reality, he underlined.

A lot remains to be done to instill good governance and fight rent seeking tendencies in the region and make the people beneficiaries of development in the region, he said.

The regional state’s higher officials have put flowers at the monument of martyrs and the anniversary is attended by members of the military, the public and delegates from the government of Sudan.

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