Partys’ negotiation pushed by “public, not by agenda difference”

The political party’s negotiation, which has involved 11 opposition parties and the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front (EPRD) is initiated by the demand of the “public not by the difference in the agenda” the parties advocate.

In a joint press conference held today, the 11 political parties said that the negotiation they have had with the ruling EPRDF has been successful as they got some articles of Political Parties Ethics Proclamation either amended or expurgated in favor of them.

Parties said that they have negotiated on the regulation included in the proclamation, which they said were there to hamper the democratization process by comparing them with international human rights laws and with the constitution of the country.

They said that they have reached an agreement with EPRDF to amend 10 articles, cancel four articles of the proclamation, which was perceived by them as obstacles to their political movement and add to two additional new articles.

However, they said that the motion they proposed that the election commission to establish a common council from federal to woreda level was declined by EPRDF.

The milestone agreement these parties reached in months long negotiations with the ruling party is the new mixed parallel electoral system, which is vital to balance representation in the parliament.


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