Eka Kotebe General Hospital Inaugurated

Eka Kotebe General Hospital, which incorporates a mental institution in its premises, has been officially inaugurated today by Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen and Health Minister Amir Aman. 

Since it began operation in 2017, the hospital has provided health services for 116, 029 patients, of which 25 percent are mental disabled persons, it was learned.

Speaking at the official inauguration, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said ensuring mental health is crucial for building a prosperous country.

Noting the importance of hospital to offer services in mental health and general medical services, he added that the government has been exerting efforts to increase access to mental care services.

Furthermore, the deputy premier pointed out that the government pays due attention to prevent diseases and provide quality service in the health sector through investing heavily in the sector.

Demeke called on health professionals to treat patients effectively and provide all the necessary support.

Health Minister Amir Aman said the hospital will contribute to mental health care and related services.

Mental health is the crucial for all, the minister said, noting that the inaugurated hospital will create opportunity to integrated mental health care and other services.

The Ethiopian Mental Health Institution which is in the compound of Eka Kotebe General Hospital is envisioned to become a center of excellence in mental health service.

Eka Kotebe General Hospital is equipped with 350 beds, of which 175 beds are for mentally disabled persons. The other health services, among others, include emergency, psychotherapy, rehabilitation care, surgery, social services, family planning service.


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