Thousands turn out to Celebrate National Pride Day

Thousands of people turn out to celebrate the National Pride Day in Addis Ababa at Mesqel Square today.

Various events were held to mark the day, where police and defense forces, nation nationalities, Ethiopian patriots and others have congregated for show and marched through the Mesqel Square in Addis.

Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Takele Umma, said on the occasion that the aim of celebration is to remind the past Ethiopian achievements and to anticipate hopes in the future in cementing unity among Ethiopians.

The celebration not only strengthens the cohesion and harmony of Ethiopians but also expedites peace, democracy and sustainable economic development of the nation.

“Our forefathers fought to defend the country from foreign aggressors in various times, including the battle of Adwa, which is national pride that every Ethiopian proud of the victory,” he stated.

He said Ethiopians have many national prides like Oblisks of Aksum, Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela, Castle of Gondar, and the Gedda system that symbolize their identity, dignity, and unity. So, celebrating the National Pride Day, therefore, could further help to build up unity among Ethiopians.

“Mere of being an Ethiopian itself makes us to be proud of our country,” he said.

Pagumiene 3, which is the 13th month in Ethiopian calendar, is nationally designated as National Pride Day to spur unity among Ethiopians, it was learned.

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